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How did we get here?

It's crazy to think back to the journey that landed you in the very place you stand now. For us, it all started when we were on the hunt for maybe 5-10 acres to build a house on. Subdivision settings were okay, but the country was even better. As most would do, we scavenged Zillow on the regular hoping to find the perfect spot between both of our jobs. The Scotch Bush listing popped up and we decided to do a creepy, slow drive-by on our way to the Dells one weekend and there she was... 

We saw this perfectly green 20 acre hay field on a rolling hill and thought, wow, what a dream! But that's all it was - a dream. 

It wasn't until a few months later we noticed this dream property still available and decided to contact our realtor and check it out! 

Now one thing you need to know about us, is we are dreamers, DIYers and eat/sleep/breathe projects! And this, this was a project to say the very least. 

It was a tired farm littered with garbage, old machinery and tangled brush. It hadn't been loved in a long time. But as the story has unfolded, that didn't stop us! 

The timeline went a little like this...

  • Accepted offer in January 2020

  • Found out we were expecting in February

  • Closed on the farm in March

  • COVID lockdown began in mid-March

  • Had our baby in October

  • Broke ground for our new home in November

  • And finally moved to the farm November 2021


Since that whirlwind has settled, our mission is to bring this land back to life! The cows, chickens, flowers and a side of cats are just the beginning of our journey now that we have arrived here. Follow along and watch the transformation! 

For anyone who dreams of something greater; work hard, take a risk, value connections and dive in! We wouldn't be here if we didn't.

with love,

Ryan, Chelsey & Emmett

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